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Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup: Le fiasco

This is what happens when you go on a mission to defend your national colours and national pride – and the weapons you take into your arsenal are a rattle of over-inflated, egocentric, arrogant and ignorant players who are far too concerned with their own personal agenda instead of the colours they are playing for. Apparently, the days when one would wear the national shirt and play for the mere pride of wearing that shirt are well and truly over.Two names come to mind. One – the biggest disappointment of the World Cup so far – France, who have already been sent packing, having become a laughing stock in the process. The second one – England – are not too far behind in the proceedings.Many were glad to see the back of France, not just in Ireland alone. The unpopular Raymond Domenech and his squabbling squad had their exit rubber-stamped after they were well beaten in Bloemfontein by the battling host nation, who won deservingly, but are now officially in the record books as the first host nation to exit the tournament in the group stage.It was much more disappointing to see an attacking and resolute Bafana Bafana join France on the scrapheap, as they, at least, showed immense passion and pride. Steven Pienaar's mission to emulate the example set by his namesake François was always going to be a long shot, but at least his team bowed out with their honour intact."We have shown that we are one country and that's all we need to say. France reached the last World Cup final and all their players play for big clubs so we have to be proud of beating a team of their standing," he said, as quoted by The Guardian.France, on the other-hand, have been the most tedious and excruciating side to watch in this tournament, worse than England's first two matches (The Sofia Echo went to print before the final round of matches in group C).A tornado of scandals, insults, protests and strikes saw a few players and their coach tarnish the hopes and dreams of an entire nation, dragging the reputation of France through the mud before the eyes and ears of the entire world. To top it off, Domenech's last act at the World Cup was to refuse to shake the hand of Carlos Alberto Parreira, South Africa's head coach, after the match.Much has been written about Nicolas Anelka's spat with Domenech and the stream of invective that the Chelsea striker launched at his coach, resulting in Anelka's withdrawal from squad by the French Football Federation (FFF) after he refused to apologise to Domenech. "Anelka's remarks are totally unacceptable for the FFF, French football and the values it defends," the FFF said in a statement.No less has been written about captain Patrice Evra leading the players' walk-out from training on June 20 in support of Anelka. With Evra dropped in retaliation, the rest of the squad showed little desire to excel and were it not for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and several unlucky bounces, the margin of victory for South Africa would certainly have been enough to progress to the knock-out stages.As its stands, the hapless Domenech era will be remembered for two group-stage exits at Euro 2008 and this year's World Cup – with one point, France repeated its dismal showing in the 2002 World Cup, although this time around it managed to score one goal – and the improbable run to the 2006 World Cup final, when the head coach was essentially sidelined by his senior players, led by Zinedine Zidane, taking charge of both selection and tactics.England, are you watching? The Three Lions camp is just as full of millionaire primma-donnas with overinflated egos who dared stitch up their own revolution against disciplinarian Fabio Capello. In the old days, England always went out in the quarter-finals or semifinals in penalty shoot-outs, or through the intervention of some Divine Limb. While England traditionally under-perform, at least they would go down fighting, tooth and nail.This time around, England has nothing to show for, at least not after the first two matches. Hopefully, they will muster more effort than Les Bleus, or they might as well join the French on same plane to Europe.

Friday, November 20, 2009

last night's match

Like many of you, I was glued to last night's match, shouting myself hoarse.

Ireland played their hearts out to defeat one of the world's great footballing nations - or they would have were it not for what's been dubbed "Le Hand of God". Thierry Henry's blatant hand ball is a moment that will live in footballing infamy.

I don't want to spend the days until the World Cup starts being furious - I want to make a stand. I have set up a petition calling for a play-off on neutral soil. Add your name now, and I will send the petition to FIFA to make sure they hear our complaint:

I have always had respect for Thierry Henry. He is a masterful player, with insight, flair and passion. On this occasion he has let football down.

I am taking this initative not just because Ireland's football team deserves a spot in South Africa, but because fair play goes to the heart of what football is all about. Fair play matters too much for us to simply mutter about the big countries always catching a break. Fair play matters too much for us to accept such a blatant attempt to cheat the fans of this great game.

Please join me in adding your name to my petition - let's send a message to FIFA that only a replay on neutral turf will make things right:

Thanks for reading my email - I hope you'll join me in backing Ireland's call for fair play.



Friday, October 2, 2009

Intercultural futsal late night league

Information from Football Association of Ireland - DublinInter-cultural late night 'futsal' league attached is the registration form and information can be got from
Jonathan Tormey
Football in community development officer mobile number: 0871323252 or email

Intercultural futsal late night league


Venue: st Catherine’s sports centre
Marrowbone lane, Dublin 8
Time: 9pm to 11pm
Date: November 2nd 2009
Duration 4 weeks

Name of Club _____________________________________

Team Mangers Name _____________________________________

Contact Number _____________________________________

Address _____________________________________

Signature of Team Manager/ Club Secretary_____________________________________

Player Name
Date of Birth








For Official use Only: Returned form to Jonathan tormey before 23/10/2009. Jonathan tormey Can be contacted on e-mail or mobile 0871323252

Important Information – please read carefully:

· Players must be over 15yrs of age and under 20
· Each team/club can register up to 8 players per team
· League rules must be read by each players signed by team Mangers/captains and returned before the first match in the league

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Acting Against Racism Training

Intercultural Training Sessions:
Acting against racism

This FREE training can help you to:

* Understand racism, discrimination and their types
* Find out where and how to report racism and discrimination
* How to support victims of racism and act against it in your community

This training is addressed to:

* Ethnic Minority Groups’ Leaders
* Members of New Communities and people living in Dublin 7
* Professionals working with Ethnic Minorities
* Community activists
* Anyone interested in above issues

The training will take place:
on Saturday, 12th September 2009, 10:00 - 16:00
in Phoenix Community Resource Centre, 42 Manor Street, Dublin 7

To book please call 01 677 4494 or email:

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Please do not hesitate to distribute this flier further to people/organisations you think may be interested.
Could you please display attached information in your office if possible?

Thank you and kind regards,

Agnieszka Wiesyk
Intercultural Community Worker
North West Inner City Network (NWICN)
117-118 North King Street
Dublin 7
T: 01 677 4494
F: 01 677 4025